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Updated 01-06-05  with more pictures from Ted Merklin

Updated 01-06-05  with more pictures from Erric Zdzchowski 

Updated 10-31-04  with more pictures from Jeff Moyer

Updated 09-13-04  with more pictures from Ed Clark, Bill Ozanich and Don Wehr

We had a great event this year with the attendance shooting up to 105 (fantastic!).  Many riders came from long distances and there were many first time attendees.  Riders came from Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Virginia, West Virginia and Ontario.  

We had several packs in attendance - the largest being the Windber (WARP) pack.  Other packs on attendance were Hermy's (Royal RATs), Martin's (Triumph Riders of Coventry), Kissell's (Nittany RATs), Uncommon, Triumph Pittsburgh RATs, formerly of Appalachian (King's Brigade), Capes Performance RATs, Mt. Holly, NJ (Jersey Devil RATs) and the Crazy Canucks from Ontario.

The format was changed to allow having tents outdoors for us to have our Saturday evening dinner under the tents and everyone seemed to enjoy the change.

Many riders endured rain coming up on Thursday and some rain continued into Friday but it didn't dampen spirits.  Friday had some riders going on many different rides.  Some went to the Zippo Factory Museum in Bradford.  Some went for bison burgers in New York State.  Some cruised the Devil's Highway (666) and 555.  A group took a ride around the beautiful Kinzua Reservoir.  After cruising the Long House Scenic Byway, many stopped for lunch at the Dock Siders restaurant at the Kinzua Marina.  Other riders went exploring on their own.

Friday evening brought the opening "ceremonies"  preceded by a sandwich pizza buffet which was sponsored by Martin's Motorsports and Hermy's Cycles.  Many settled in at the Eben's Lounge to catch up with old friends and "kick some tires".

On Saturday, the weather was sparkling after a morning fog.  The bulk of the riders went to Kissell's Motorsports in State College for the luncheon they sponsored.  Riders took several different routes to get there.  Two groups took an excellent ride through the Black Moshanon State Forest.  Another took the reverse route of one that was used last year to get there.  A few riders went to the Pine Creek/Grand Canyon area.  Variety was the name of the game this weekend.

Some jumped into the outdoor hot tub after the day's ride.  The Towne House provided bike washing facilities which was used heavily and appreciated.

Saturday's dinner was held outside under the tents.  A DJ was on hand to entertain while Jim ran the festivities which included the raffle drawings and RAT awards.  The raffle drawing gave away prizes donated by RAT, Martin's Motorsports, Triumph of Windber, Triumph of Pittsburgh, Hermy's Cycles and Kissell's Motorsports.  The prizes were great and well appreciated by the winners.

A new trend occurred when Jim, Ken Towers and Kathy as well as Richard Ford all wore kilts.  It seems that kilts are becoming proper RAT RAID attire!  Next year....

After the music ended, some serious "arm bending" took place in the lounge and a group of hearty souls did venture out on the "Bermuda Crawl".

Sunday morning brought more photo shots and good byes.  A fairly large group of riders rode to the brunch buffet at Gilbert's Restaurant on Brookville which was organized by the Windber pack.

Many people commented about how much they enjoyed the RAID.  See you in 2005!

Enjoy the pictures!


Saturday evening's group shot ( Link to larger shot )
P8130008.JPG (66073 bytes) P8130013.JPG (73587 bytes) P8130014.JPG (86250 bytes) P8130017.JPG (60030 bytes) P8130018.JPG (57490 bytes) P8130019.JPG (67516 bytes)
Keeping dry under tent A drowned something Dave, Dan & Tom Woody & Bill No wonder the food is so good!
P8130020.JPG (79035 bytes) P8130021.JPG (95118 bytes) P8130022.JPG (59131 bytes) P8130023.JPG (100935 bytes) P8130024.JPG (88946 bytes) P8130026.JPG (45907 bytes)
Registration On the Kinzua Loop ride At the marina Cyndi, Mike, Dave & Stan The "Unknown Rider" British Embassy West (?)
P8130028.JPG (89960 bytes) P8130029.JPG (102599 bytes) P8130031.JPG (92612 bytes) P8130032.JPG (71941 bytes) P8130033.JPG (51444 bytes) P8130035.JPG (73024 bytes)
The Embassy residents (Windber) Tiger with side hack Jim's Daytona (with Union Jack flag) The way to registration Friday night in the lounge
P8130037.JPG (76294 bytes) P8130038.JPG (68016 bytes) P8130039.JPG (73896 bytes) P8130041.JPG (65334 bytes) P8130044.JPG (77236 bytes) P8130047.JPG (63437 bytes)
Jim starts the show!
P8130049.JPG (47567 bytes) P8130050.JPG (54512 bytes) P8130051.JPG (48039 bytes) P8140054.JPG (61903 bytes) P8140055.JPG (48292 bytes) P8140056.JPG (75933 bytes)
Matt, Maureen & Jeff Group from Martin's Tim arrives in style on his Rocket 3 A full fledged Tiger! A misty morning
P8140057.JPG (54751 bytes) P8140059.JPG (84671 bytes) P8140060.JPG (80060 bytes) P8140061.JPG (59741 bytes) P8140062.JPG (94730 bytes) P8140063.JPG (87535 bytes)
Richard, Scott & Bill Cyndi Rich "Tribal" body work
P8140064.JPG (61719 bytes) P8140065.JPG (55460 bytes) P8140067.JPG (49418 bytes) P8140068.JPG (76460 bytes) P8140069.JPG (97432 bytes) P8140070.JPG (87776 bytes)
Saturday's rider's meeting Start of the Saturday rides Dick & Becky Ken and Kathy
P8140071.JPG (85340 bytes) P8140072.JPG (84209 bytes) P8140073.JPG (74115 bytes) P8140074.JPG (69073 bytes) P8140075.JPG (67788 bytes) P8140076.JPG (48473 bytes)
Ed and "Vern" Jim just loves sheepskin!
P8140077.JPG (88543 bytes) P8140078.JPG (103519 bytes) P8140079.JPG (89115 bytes) P8140080.JPG (88643 bytes) P8140081.JPG (94755 bytes) P8140082.JPG (110225 bytes)
Shining it up! Dave & Norma Martin's group Rest stop at end of Wykoff Run
P8140083.JPG (99279 bytes) P8140084.JPG (84184 bytes) P8140085.JPG (70146 bytes) P8140086.JPG (78113 bytes) P8140087.JPG (81702 bytes) P8140089.JPG (81299 bytes)
At Kissell's Craig & Kate Tom & Buck Dave & Mike
P8140090.JPG (106397 bytes) P8140091.JPG (94694 bytes) P8140100.JPG (66756 bytes) P8140101.JPG (65362 bytes) P8140103.JPG (73056 bytes) P8140105.JPG (63117 bytes)
At the Creamery Norm's award winning T-bird Dinner starts
P8140106.JPG (66765 bytes) P8140108.JPG (46193 bytes) P8140110.JPG (58678 bytes) P8140111.JPG (70718 bytes) P8140113.JPG (58938 bytes) P8140115.JPG (48439 bytes)
Group from Martin's Ken and Kathy arriving in kilts The DJ Capes Performance Pack Hermy's & Appalachian Packs
P8140120.JPG (59951 bytes) P8140121.JPG (34558 bytes) P8140122.JPG (37838 bytes) P8140123.JPG (46824 bytes) P8140124.JPG (26944 bytes) P8140125.JPG (53473 bytes)
Missy giving Kathy her award for her Bonnie America Award for the Tiger side hack Award for best Super Sport Bob get his award for his Bonnie America (sorry for the blur) Matt says "it's for you, Jim!"
P8140126.JPG (54150 bytes) P8140127.JPG (39287 bytes) P8140128.JPG (34968 bytes) NEW  08-24-04

Don_01.jpg (301012 bytes)

P8150017.JPG (76483 bytes) P8150018.JPG (89217 bytes)
Jim and Missy giving awards and raffle prizes Norm and his award for his  Thunderbird Ron and his British Excellence award Don with his award and his award winning ST


More Royal RATs Rich and Tanya
P8150019.JPG (82677 bytes) P8150020.JPG (70119 bytes) P8150023.JPG (67282 bytes) P8150024.JPG (66186 bytes) P8150025.JPG (59990 bytes) P8150026.JPG (73026 bytes)
Ron (Woody) and Ann trying a Trophy Capes Performance RATs Jersey Devil RATs Pittsburgh Pack Jim & Matt
P8150027.JPG (70258 bytes) P8150028.JPG (69040 bytes) P8150029.JPG (77090 bytes) P8150030.JPG (78688 bytes) P8150036.JPG (75911 bytes) P8150037.JPG (80501 bytes)
Windber Pack Sunday Brunch Ride to Gilbert's
Pictures compliments of Ken Towers  NEW 08-24-04
Ken_01.JPG (74905 bytes) Ken_02.jpg (58715 bytes) Ken_03.jpg (58188 bytes) Ken_04.jpg (36944 bytes) Ken_05.jpg (63326 bytes) Ken_06.jpg (88688 bytes)
Zippo Factory in Bradford
Ken_07.jpg (82105 bytes) Ken_08.jpg (75978 bytes) Ken_09.jpg (74164 bytes) Ken_10.jpg (85379 bytes) Ken_11.jpg (56570 bytes)
. Kilts in fashion


Pictures compliments of Ed Clark  NEW 09-13-04
01.jpg (87879 bytes) 02.jpg (66290 bytes) 03.jpg (60938 bytes) 04.jpg (77077 bytes) 05.jpg (92284 bytes)
Ken and Kathy


Picture compliments of Bill Ozanich  NEW 09-13-04

Bill_&_Richard.JPG (63101 bytes)

Richard & Bill


Picture compliments of Don Wehr  NEW 09-13-04

Docksiders.jpg (59410 bytes)

At the marina (Docksider's)


Pictures compliments of Jeff Moyer NEW 10-31-04
Joe_01.jpg (55068 bytes) Joe_02.jpg (50232 bytes) Joe_03.jpg (84074 bytes) Joe_04.jpg (77793 bytes) Joe_05.jpg (76308 bytes) Joe_06.jpg (107352 bytes)
Eric and Matt "WASH ME" Matt trying a Tiger for size Matt watches Tiger Joe talk with Kathy Matt is always smiling!
Joe_07.jpg (91728 bytes) Joe_08.jpg (60023 bytes) Joe_09.jpg (100237 bytes) Joe_10.jpg (79730 bytes) Joe_11.jpg (73197 bytes) Joe_12.jpg (51421 bytes)
Inside Kissell's Matt, Jeff and Eric Airborne 1 Airborne 2


Pictures compliments of Erric Zdzchowski  NEW 01-06-05
im001499.jpg (124293 bytes) im001500.jpg (104651 bytes) im001502.jpg (94206 bytes) im001503.jpg (84812 bytes) im001504.jpg (100986 bytes) im001505.jpg (109047 bytes)
im001509.jpg (104180 bytes) im001512.jpg (141401 bytes) im001513.jpg (122901 bytes) im001514.jpg (183108 bytes) im001516.jpg (86670 bytes)


Pictures compliments of Ted Merklin  NEW 04-03-05
01.jpg (84162 bytes) 02.jpg (65835 bytes) 03.jpg (70512 bytes) 04.jpg (50043 bytes) 05.jpg (86460 bytes)