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 Feel free to submit pix and writeups to ron@alleghenyratraid.com

Though the weather reports were "iffy" for the whole weekend, we were blessed with a good amount of Sun for most of the event.  Many of us did get wet at times but it didn't dampen the spirits of the riders.

This was the first year for the participating PA RAT Packs to try their hands at putting on a RAT RAID.  Fortunately, a good foundation was laid by Greg Casey in previous years and newcomer Jim Callahan already "knows the ropes" which all made the promotion of the event much easier.

We had 75 participants which is almost double of the 2002 RAID.  Judging by the excellent comments by many, this event will surely grow for next year.

Many riders did branch out this year on their own in small groups to check out the various sites and roads on the area.  Our focus is to cut down on large organized groups rides to improve safety and allow more enjoyment by the riders and passengers.


Friday August 1Friday Route Sheet  (Approx. 180 miles)

The route took us to the Westline Inn for lunch.  Since there was so much interest in the recent destruction of the Kinzua Bridge (Rail Trestle) by a F1 tornado on July 21, we inserted a short ride to the Bridgeview Cemetery in Mt. Jewett to catch a view of what is left of the bridge. 

After lunch and the cemetery, we rode the wonderful Long House Scenic Drive on the southern edge the reservoir.  This was followed by a stop at the Jake's Rocks overlook.  Unbeknownst to us, there was a little surprise occurring at the overlook.  Lonnie proposed to his girlfriend Jen and she accepted.  Way to go!

Some folks stopped at the visitor centers for the Kinzua Dam while others continued on.

After a gas stop near Warren, it was time to get serious and ride through the Allegheny Forest and head to the Devil's Highway (Rt. 666).   BUT - PennDOT had other plans for us.  Just the previous week, the later 1/3rd of the road received a fresh coat of Pennsylvania's finest "tar and chip" oil and gravel topcoat.  Rather than risk problems, almost everyone turned around and headed all the way back out to Rt. 62 to head back to St. Marys.  No one was upset though as riding the Devil's Highway is great no matter which direction you take!

Friday evening brought a gathering in the lounge with some hors d'oeuvres and a band for light music and some "tire kicking".

01-Registration.JPG (66802 bytes) 02-Posing.JPG (85467 bytes) 03-Doug-Ed-Vern.JPG (86234 bytes) 04-Getting_ready.JPG (112916 bytes) 05-Jim_C.JPG (75870 bytes) 06-Riders_Mtg.JPG (77324 bytes) 07-Westline1.JPG (122342 bytes) 08-Westline2.JPG (119134 bytes)
Part of Registration Crew Posing for the camera! Doug, Ed and "Vern" Daylight "tirekicking" Jim Callahan hamming it up Rider's meeting Parking lot at Westline Inn The hungry procession starts
09-Westline3.JPG (128064 bytes) 10-Cemetery_lineup.JPG (86690 bytes) 11-Cemetery_group.JPG (96187 bytes) 12-Jakes_Rocks.JPG (88899 bytes) 13-Gas_stop.JPG (91275 bytes) 14_Lonnie_Jen.JPG (65736 bytes) 15-Friday_band.jpg (86706 bytes)
Westline Inn Line up at Bridgeview Cemetery Bridgeview group shot Jake's Rocks Gas stop Lonnie & Jen - a happy couple! Friday's band


Saturday August 2Saturday Route Sheet  (Approx. 250 miles)

The morning started with an excitement for a good ride.  Craig Kissell of Kissell's Motorsports in State College had invited us for a lunch stop at the shop.  To get there, we went on some great roads that we had not ridden in past years (Rt 144 South from Rt 120 in Renovo).  This section of 144 is a great road through the mountains.  

We had quite a crowd at Kissell's.  Everyone enjoyed the lunch and took advantage of some sales on Triumph clothing and accessories.

The clouds started building as we headed West from State College.  By the time we hit Clearfield, a storm was dumping torrents of rain. 

Once back at the Towne House, it was time for the evening activities.  A the Towne House servered us a great chicken BBQ dinner.  Afterward, it was off to the lounge for music and the raffle drawings.  We had a huge amount of prizes this year due to the tremendous support of the 3 dealers, 4 RAT Packs and RAT too.

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Jim C. in the morning Martin's gang Mark and Mike from Windber Bob and Ken Rich, Tonya, Ron & Tom
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*1 Attentive bunch!  *2 Dave and Norma lead the way
13.jpg (94386 bytes) 14.jpg (122690 bytes) 15.jpg (118681 bytes) 16.jpg (134028 bytes) 17.jpg (127613 bytes) 18.jpg (120612 bytes)
Group from Ohio *2 *2 Jim's Daytona (where's Jim?)  *2 In Bellefonte


19.jpg (158650 bytes) 20.jpg (131858 bytes) 21.jpg (106956 bytes) 22.jpg (81078 bytes) 23.jpg (57489 bytes) 24.jpg (165676 bytes)
Lunch at Kissell's *2 *2 *2 Tiger during ride


Tiger after ride (only bike to go on "Tiger Trail")
25.jpg (186142 bytes) 26.jpg (93479 bytes) 27.jpg (113386 bytes) 28.jpg (114113 bytes) 29.jpg (106650 bytes) 30.jpg (140410 bytes)
Group Shot Another Group Shot  *1 Dinner is served  *1 The band
31.jpg (118072 bytes) 32.jpg (97481 bytes) 33.jpg (89550 bytes)
Raffle prize winners Ron congratulating Doug Ron congratulating Missy and Mike

*1 - Pictures compliments of Ken Towers

*2 - Pictures compliments of Dave & Norma Coulston


Sunday August 3Sunday Route Sheet  (Approx. 50 miles)

The WARP (Windber Area RAT Pack) put together a nice brunch run to Brookville, PA which made it nice for many as it was along I-80.  One last group picture and many happy riders were on their way!

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Lovely ladies on great bikes *1 Tod Cole from Nashville  *1 Sunday Group Shot Mike and Brooke on matching STs Lonnie and Jen "Biohazard" Tim rounds 'em up!
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Away they go
13.JPG (122766 bytes) 14.JPG (57017 bytes)
At the restaurant  *2

*1 - Pictures compliments of Dave & Norma Coulston

*2 - Picture compliments of Ken Towers

See you next year!