2001 Photo Album
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 Feel free to submit pix and write-ups to ron@alleghenyratraid.com

Photos and commentary by Ron Sands.  If you have more pictures, please send them in.

Friday's Ride Description:  
Approximately 250 miles. 

Ride to the Kinzua Bridge overlook.  

Lunch at the Westline Inn.  

Visit the Zippo Factory Museum in Bradford.  

Stop at the Jake's Rocks Overlook to view the Kinzua Dam and Lake.  

Rest/gas stop at Tidioute.  

Ride the famous Devil's Highway (approx. 33 miles of a great road through the heart of the Allegheny National Forest).  

Back to home base at the Towne House.

Friday's Route
Saturday's Ride Description:  
Approximately 280 miles.

Along the way to the Grand Canyon - view ruins of old Dam and Tannery in Austin and take a rest stop near the PA Lumberman's Museum on Rt 6.

Visit the Grand Canyon of PA.

Lunch at a Bagel Shop in Wellsboro.

Visit Hyner View

Back to home base at the Towne House.

Saturday's Route
Sunday's Ride Description:  
Ride to Winslow Hill to view Elk.  (we started too late to really see anything but we did see one (a tiny dot in the pictures below)).

Goodbye lunch at the Medix Hotel in Benezette.

Sunday's Route


Friday's Ride   Saturday's Ride
01.jpg (81515 bytes) Group shot at the Kinzua Bridge   21.jpg (62135 bytes) Peter's new Bonneville
02.jpg (107657 bytes) Kinzua Bridge Overlook   22.jpg (71012 bytes) Impromptu bike wash in Towne House parking lot
03.jpg (77146 bytes) Site seeing train on Kinzua Bridge   23.jpg (121001 bytes) Rest stop along Rt 6
04.jpg (118574 bytes) Steve   24.jpg (126244 bytes) Rest stop along Rt 6
05.jpg (108861 bytes) End of Kinzua trestle   25.jpg (90633 bytes) Grand Canyon of PA Group Shot
06.jpg (153500 bytes) Westline Inn parking lot   26.jpg (114699 bytes) Grand Canyon of PA parking lot
07.jpg (135180 bytes) Westline Inn for lunch   Sunday's Ride
08.jpg (167703 bytes) Westline Inn parking lot   27.jpg (137600 bytes) Elk spotting at Winslow Hill near Benezette.  Yes, Virginia, there really is an elk in the picture.  The little tan/white dot aside of the tree at about 2 o'clock above the red sign is an elk. 
09.jpg (63159 bytes) Zippo factory museum in Bradford, PA   17.jpg (163779 bytes) Greg insuring that everyone saw an elk!
10.jpg (120545 bytes) Zippo wall of lighters      
11.jpg (82832 bytes) A Union Jack lighter      
12.jpg (86847 bytes) Group shot at the Zippo Museum      
13.jpg (94074 bytes) Kinzua Dam from the Jake's Rocks overlook      
14.jpg (134034 bytes) Group at Jake's Rocks      
15.jpg (172551 bytes) Jake's Rocks      
16.jpg (170133 bytes) Jake's Rocks      
18.jpg (108461 bytes) Gas/rest stop at Tidioute just before the Devil's Highway      
19.jpg (93680 bytes) Rest stop at end of Devil's Highway      
20.jpg (104529 bytes) Group shot at end of Devil's Highway